10 Ways to Lead by Example

These two articles were sent to me by Dennis Hutter Coach Hutter is the Head Women’s Coach at Mayville State University. Dennis also has a coaching website. The URL is http://www.coachhutter.com/

Here are some thoughts on Leadership, along with a handout on 10 ways to Lead by Example. These notes were taken from a book entitled “The Legacy Builder” by Rod Olson. I encourage all coaches to read this book as it is a great source for leadership and maximizing performance out of your players. The handout was something that our Comet Coaching Staff put together and handed out to our players this summer.

One thing I have learned from the past two years, is how “winning” and “losing” pretty much take care of themselves. “Winning” is just a by-product of doing things and treating people the “right way”.

As coaches and leaders we have a chance EVERYDAY to inspire young people and help them achieve levels of success that they never dreamed possible. Good luck with everything.


True leadership is about inspiration and encouragement, as well as balance

-Balance goes hand in hand with maturity, it crosses all aspects of your life – mental, physical, spiritual and emotional

Things that are built to last, are not built fast

Simplicity – trying to be a simple person in a complex world can be difficult at times

Great leaders have to remain F.A.T,

F = Faithful – people must fully trust the organization understanding that we have their best interests at heart ALL the time

A = Available – people must be willing to make time to be the BEST they can be for the team. As well as for their families and community.

T = Teachable – to achieve the other two, people need to have a “teachable spirit”, or they have NO SHOT at all!!!!! They can not come in thinking they know it all!!!

Leaders are great at “controlling the controllables”.

-Great leaders understand what they can control, and they control them. They also know what they cannot control and stay away from

trying to control those aspects.

A leader’s job is to help an individual get to a level they cannot achieve by themselves. When that happens the “winning” pretty much takes care of itself.

Focus on the two things you really can control: Your effort and your attitude.

You cannot give away what you do not possess yourself. Strive to be a simple man in a complex world. Control your effort and your attitude.

If you want your people to trust you and be loyal to you, you have to capture their hearts and earn their trust.

-Trust – Character + Competence. Your character is who you are, and your competence is how you do your job or what you do

-Consistence within your behavior will bring about trust, and that trust will lead to loyalty

The time of blind obedience has passed. People do not trust without reason and motivation anymore.

Mental Toughness = The ability to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

With adversity people have been taught to handle it one of two ways – “flight or fight”.

If you want to motivate your team members, you need to develop a relationship with them.

-You develop a relationship with your players and workers by letting them know you care.

If you can capture their hearts, you will have no trouble with motivation and performance execution.

Remind your players that they have greatness within them, and it is our job as coaches to help them discover it.

When giving feedback to players and workers, focus on the process and not on the results: Process over Product.

As coaches and leaders we need to T.H.I.N.K before we speak:

T = True – Is what I am about to say True

H = Helpful – Is what I am about to say going to be Help ul

I = Inspire – Is what I am about to say going to Inspire them to get to the “next level”

N = Necessary – Is what I am about to say Necessary, or am I only speaking to hear myself speak???

K = Kind – Is what I am about to say going to be received as Kind


Women’s Basketball

10 Ways to Lead with Your Example

Your example when it comes to influencing others is not the main thing, it is the only thing.

Don Meyer – Northern State University

  1. How You Talk

-Let your words reflect your actions and your actions reflect your words

-Let your words be driven by your heart

-Be quick to listen and slow to speak – Wisdom.

  1. How You Treat People


-Kindness is the language that the blind can see and deaf can hear – Mark Twain

-Do something for someone who can’t do anything for you

-Treat people with great respect – handle conflict respectfully as well

  1. Keep Your Word & Promises

-Sometimes this may mean promising less, so you can deliver more

-All we have is our word, without that we are nothing

-Keep your word, and you will garner great respect in your daily relationships

-Trust is earned in a relationship when a promise is kept –Build Trusting


  1. Work Ethic

-Be the hardest working person on your team or in your department

-Stay educated and knowledgeable to give your team a chance to succeed


-Do more/Say less

  1. Your Attitude & Effort

You can control two things in your life: Your Effort and your Attitude

It is easy to work hard and have a great attitude when things are going well,

what is your attitude and work ethic like, when things are not going well???

-Attitude and Effort are great measures of a person’s character.

-No discipline seems pleasant at the time……………………….. – Hebrews 12:11

  1. Say “Please”, “Thank You” and “You’re Welcome”

-These are lost words in our society today

-These words can have a long lasting impact on your daily relationships

-These words are a great way to show respect to others

-Saying these words will make people in your relationships want to help you again when the time comes.

  1. Be on Time/Stay Late

-Be the first one in the office, and the last one to leave

-Have your staff see you when they enter the office in the morning, and have

them see you when they leave the office for the day

-Great work ethic throughout the office or team starts at the top – show them

how to work hard with your example.

  1. Write Personal Notes & Thank You Notes

-You will never know the power of a thank you note, until you receive one

-A great way to show appreciation in your daily relationships, is to take the time to sit down and write a personal or thank you note to someone.

-Personal notes of praise are a great way to build confidence and let players/staff know they are doing a great job.

  1. Delegate Responsibility

-Delegating responsibility builds leaders within your staff or department

-Delegating also builds trust within the relationships in your department or staff

-Delegating allows you to stay sharp and fresh

-Delegating allows you time to focus on the vision or strategic plan for your department, staff or team.


  1. Live a Life of Servant Leadership

-Use the Bible as a model and a guide – Jesus was the best servant leader EVER during his time on earth

-Servant leadership shows that you care about others more than you care about yourself – SELFLESS

-Servant leadership is the best feeling – it is almost addicting


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