11 Ways to Beat Ice Ball Screen Coverage

University of Maine Men’s Assistant Coach Zak Boisvert has assembled some of his favorite ways to beat Ice ball screen coverage.

He has an outstanding site with posts on various coaching topics at www.pickandpop.net

His You Tube channel has several videos with various types of man to man plays, zone sets, and inbounds plays. You can subscribe to receive an update when he posts a new video Zak Boisvert You Tube Channel

You can follow him on Twitter at this link: @ZakBoisvert

You aren’t going to be able to use all of these, but I hope that you can find one or two that fit your player’s abilities.

The 11 Ways he has assembled in this video are:

Reverse into Down Screen
Reverse and Follow
Throwback and Follow
DHO (Dribble Hand Off)
Snake the Twist
Dive the stunt defender
Reject and misdirection
Short Roll into the gap
Weakside flare and skip
Stunt Weakside lob (to player being guarded by stunting defender)

Click play to see the video

This is a You Tube video, so you will need to be on a server that allows you You Tube access.

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