14 Things Great Shooters Do

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14 Things Great Shooters Do

In my opinion, truly great shooters will soon be on the World Wildlife Federation’s Endangered Species list. Players at every level are getting better

and better at scoring… but pure shooters are a dying bread.

If you want to play more minutes or to play at the next level, shooting is one skill that every team needs and every coach covets.

Like pure gold, pure shooters are at a premium these days.

Here are 14 Things Great Shooters Do:

1. Great shooters have this mindset: When I’m on, I shoot. When I’m off, I shoot till I’m on.
2. Great shooters don’t worry about the last shot (make or miss). They focus on the next shot because it is the only one they can have an effect on.
3. Great shooters always believe ‘my next shot is good’ (even if they’ve missed several in a row).
4. Great shooters have routines and rituals; they are not haphazard when they work out. They practice game shots from game spots at game speed.

5. Great shooters don’t make 500 shots. They make one shot… 500 separate times. Powerful distinction.
6. Great shooters shoot the same way every time they shoot (from feet to follow through).
7. Great shooters go to the gym to make shots; not take shots. Anyone can take 500 shots. The name of the game is to put the ball in the basket.
8. Great shooters are always ‘shot ready’. Their feet, hands, eyes and mind are ready to shoot.

9. Great shooters don’t follow their shot. Why would they if they believe the ball is going in?
10. Great shooters know and maximize their shooting strengths. They know if they shoot better off the pass vs. off the dribble, if they shoot better going right vs. going left and what spots on the court they shoot the highest percentage.
11. Great shooters pass up a good shot in order to get a great shot.
12. Great shooters rarely miss right or left.
13. Great shooters know how to use screens effectively to get an open peek.
14. Great shooters are not great by accident or luck. They are great because they put in the work.

My good friend, colleague and business partner, Drew Hanlen of Pure Sweat Basketball offered me these solid gold shooting nuggets:

  • If you practice shooting with bad form, all you will do is get good at bad shooting.
  • If you can’t make 60-70% of a specific shot during your workouts (when you are unguarded), you shouldn’t shoot that shot in a game!
  • Having a great shooting percentage comes from 3 things:
  1. Developing a great shot through purposeful practice
  2. Knowing your range and ‘hot spots’ on the court
  3. Taking great shots within the flow of the game.

I highly recommend all players and coaches get Drew’s Competitive Shooting Challenges Drill Book. It is an invaluable resource


All the best the rest of this season!

Alan Stein
Hardwood Hustle Blog

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