2 Basketball Half Court Dribbling Drill

We have several basketball drills that are designed to improve individual shooting and dribbling skills. You can see them by clicking on the basketball drills tab above.

This dribbling drill is one of our toughest basketball drills if you go harder and harder until you make a mistake. Our suggestion is to start out at 20 seconds, then build up to 30, 45, and then to one minute. When you begin to improve your skills you will need to go at an even faster pace to work up to the point where you make an error.

Start out slow and pick up the pace until you are going hard enough that you make a mistake–lose the ball, carry the ball, etc.. That way you know what the limits of your speed and ability are today and you have a better chance to work to expand those limits in your next workout. If you don’t lose the ball while doing this drill, you simplye aren’t working hard enough!

As you do this basketball drill, imagine that there is 1:00 remaining in a game and for your team to win, you have to dribble the clock out with all five defensive players coming after you.

Use the entire halfcourt, but stay away from trouble areas including the baseline, sidelines, and too close to the 10 second line. Utilize all dribble moves, including ones that you are working on developing. Use the pull back and crossover move to elude a double team.

The keys to seeing improvement from this drill, in addition to increasing the pace of your dribbling as we discussed earlier, are to keep your eyes on the net at all times in order to develop the ability to see the entire floor and to avoid the bad habit of watching the ball as you dribble.

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