25 Characteristics of a Team Attitude

This comes from Creighton Burns’ newsletter:


1. Blame Nobody…Expect Nothing…Do Something (No Excuses)

2. Compete (No Excuses)

3. Be On Time…Pay Attention…Practice & Play Hard (No Excuses)

4. Always Listen – it is what is being said that is important, not how it is said

5. Play through Referee’s Calls

6. Know, Accept and Embrace Your Role

7. Hustle to the Free-Throw Huddle

8. Hustle On and Off the Floor during Substitutions

9. Hustle to Timeouts

10. Always Learn – understand concepts & ideas and apply them in game situations

11. No swearing On the Court

12. No Hanging Head

13. Never Quit On A Play! Never!!

14. No Poor Body Language

15. No Pointing Fingers (Unless for a good pass)

16. Always Love – your parents, coaches, and teammates

17. Attitude of Gratitude – Say “Thank You”

18. Look People in the Eye When Communicating

19. Be a Role Model Off the Floor – look the part

20. Share the Basketball, Protect the Basketball

21. Get Back On Defense – No Transition Baskets

22. Loyalty – Remember the people that have helped you in your basketball endeavors

23. Laugh – Enjoy the time spent with teammates and coaches

24. Take Skills Pride in All That You Do

25. Be A Great Teammate – Be Unselfish

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