3-6-9-12-15 Conditioning Shooting Drill

I always like to complete our skill development workouts with a “Toughness Drill” that challenges players both mentally and physically. (If you didn’t see the post with my competitive workout structure, here is the link: basketball-drills-3-6-9-12-15

Put balls on the court at the half court line, the opposite three point arc, and the opposite free throw line. These are targets that shooters have to run around based on their shooting performance.

This is a five cycle drill with a FT in between each cycle. Total drill will give shooter 50 attempts.

First cycle is a 3. Shooter starts by first ball at half court line. She comes on the move to top of key to attempt shot #1. Make or miss she sprints to shot #2. Make or miss to shot #3. This completes the 3. She shoots a FT.

Second cycle is a 6. Shooter starts at same spot and completes the cycle just as above. If she makes all 3 shots, she goes directly back to spot 1 for shot 4 and finishes the pattern. If she misses all three of her first shot she must sprint around the far ball before attempting shot #4. If she misses two shots, she sprints around the ball at opposite arc. If she misses only 1, she sprints around the closest ball at half court before attempting shot 4, 5 , and 6. Free Throw then back to start the 9.

This is a GAME SHOT/GAME SPOT/GAME SPEED drill that will also challenge your best conditioned shooters.

You can chart scores for individual cycles. 2 out 3, 5 out 6, 8 for 9, etc…

Your best shooters with in time have perfect rounds up through 12… never seen a 15.

Your best shooters will have a 50 shot score in the 40’s. After a 3-6-9-12-15 with a free throw between rounds.

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