3 Great Shooting Workout Drills

This post contains 3 shooting and scoring drills for your players to use in their spring and summer workouts.

I am working on compiling a page with all of the shooting and scoring drills on The Coaching Toolbox. It will be a few weeks before it is completed, but click here to see what I have compiled so far.

I found the drills on the Jes Basketball Playbook site.

It contains several other drills that can be used in your practices and also in individual skill development workouts. There are several types of drills in addition to shooting drills.

There site also contains a section with plays to run against various types of defenses.

6 Spot Perimeter Shooting Drill



Submitted by : Brett Coxsedge

Player sprints and picks up the basketball from each of the 4 chairs and shoots from that spot.

After shooting the 4 shots, player 1 then sprints to midcourt and picks up the basketball, dribbles it to the elbow and shoots, then sprints back the ten second line to pick the other basketball up and repeats the dribble to the elbow and shot.

There are several ways to make this drill competitive. One way is time players form start to the release of the 6th shot. Add 2 seconds to the time for each missed shot.

7s Drill



This drills is from retired Valparaiso Coach Homer Drew and was submitted by Matthew Dunstan

• One dribble lay-ups with a catch and pivot, at each of the seven pylons.

• 2 free throws then repeat, this time with one dribble jump shots.

Speed up the drill by adding a rebounder that passes to the coach.


W Shooting Drill


Play submitted by : Brett Coxsedge

Five shots are taken in the following order:
• Right wing
• Left wing
• Right elbow
• Left elbow
• 3pt straight ahead

The shooter should return to home base (X) after each shot. Drill will require a coach to rebound and pass the ball.

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