“32s” Competitive Shooting Drill

32s Shooting Drill

From: Xavier Assistant Coach James Whitford

32s is a shooting dnll incorporating 15 shots finished up with 2 FT’s at the end.
We will shoot from 5 beginning spots.

3 shots will be attempted from each spot.

1st shot-drive to the basket to finish I point
2nd shot is a 15 ft. spot up jumper 2 points
3rd shot is from beyond arc 3 points

This is repeated at all five spots for a maximum total of 30 points. Shooter finishes the drill with a I and 1 FT oppotunity. each worth 1 point. Giving you a total of 32.

This can be varied for TIME/MAKES and by adding defense.

Can be done easily as a team drill with each shooter attempting the series of shots before moving to the next spot.

You can then total a team score as well as individual.

Our players like to do this on game days to reach a TEAM GOAL. Then they prefer to compete head-to- head in practice situations.

The current champion gets to keep until dethroned,

I have never seen a 32 in my coaching career.

One 31… shooter missed the second end of me 1 and 1!!!

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