4 Quarter, Sweep, and 2 Ball Shooting Drills

These three shooting drill came from the University of Washington women’s program.

If you can have someone working with you to pass and time any drills that you do to improve as a player, that is best, but if you really have a burning desire to get better, you will find ways to push yourself, time yourself, and keep the scores for yourself!



4 Quarter Shooting

Great conditioning/shooting drill to challenge every level of shooter on your roster.

It’s also a great drill that requires no rebounder or passer.

Scoring: shots inside the paint = 1 point
shots outside paint but inside arc= 2 points
shots outside the arc= 3 points

First Quarter: Shooter has 1 minute to score 20 points
(if shooter successfully does this she advances to 2nd quarter)

Second Quarter: Shooter has 2 minutes to score 40 points

Third Quarter: Shooter has 3 minutes to score 60 points

Fourth Quarter: Shooter has 4 minutes to score 80 points

You will see there is simply not enough time to make all 1 pointers to achieve the scores, so a player must understand time/score and play to their strengths.

Drill can be done with a rebounder/passer just adjust time or score accordingly.

Sweep Shooting

Shooter starts at spot 1. We will use cones, a basketball on the floor, or a chair to simulate a defender as available.

On the catch, the shooter sweeps the ball and goes one dribble left into a pull up 15 footer. Shooter returns to spot. Catch, sweep, attack right one dribble.

Shooter then moves to spot 2 and repeats pattern. All five spots are completed giving the shooter 10 attempts.

They get 1:00 rest. Repeat. We do 5 cycles to get to 50 attempts.

Your best mid range shooters should score in high 30s with an occasional 40 thrown in there.


2 Ball Shooting Drill

Two shooters, one ball. We set score at 20 or 30 or 50 or…

The shooters alternate shots getting their own rebounds and passing to

We say that each catch must be beyond the arc. The shooter can shoot the 3, drive 1 dribble for 15-17 foot for 2 points, or drive to basket for a 1 point lay-up.

Winning team gets to stay together until someone knocks them off. If a team loses, they split up into new teams.

For a variaton you can add a third shooter and a second basketball.

You can play to different scores.

Or, you can play for a certain amount of time.

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