4 Stephen Curry Basketball Workout Drills

These 4 basketball skill development drills came from the Stephen Curry Skills Academy and are a part of Alan Stein’s Stronger Team Blog. Alan is the best Coach I know for improving your basketball athleticism. He has a lot of great training resources for basketball players. Here is the link to his site: Stronger Team

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5 Stephen Curry Workout Drills

Stephen Curry Basketball Shooting Drills

Separation 1 on 1 Drill



1 on 1 Live: Check the ball at half court. Player will have 3 to 4 dribbles to score.

Limited to one shot and you must stay within the cones.

Offense stays if they score.






Separation Progression Series



Two cones on each side of the basket.

Players will work on their last two steps, making sure they are long and low and that their finishes are in front of their body and underhand (pin and extend).

After every player finishes on each side, the coach will gradually move the cones back until we reach the NBA 3pt arc.





Power Dribble 1 on 1



Starting at midcourt, player 1 will take a power dribble stance with his toes pointing to the sideline.

Player 2 will provide intense defensive pressure with his forearm on the Player 1’s inside shoulder.

On “Go” Player 1 must create space and work his way to the bell at the top of the key without going outside the cones.

Once the bell is reached, it’s live 1 on 1 limited to one shot. If Player 1 goes outside the cones it’s a turnover.

Offensive player stays on if they score. Be aware of 5 second violation.


One Bounce Drill



3 Players on the baseline going at same time. Coach at top of key.

If coach calls your name, then pass him the ball.

Coach then tosses the ball to a random location.

Player must catch on the first bounce, square/have “perfect feet” and shoot. Go for two minutes. Count makes! Compete!



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