5 Competitive Basketball Shooting Drills

Today’s post is 5 shooting drills. Some of the drills require two players, or at least a shooter and a rebounder.

You can use these drills when working on your own without a coach. Use the stopwatch on your phone to time yourself.

Make sure to record your scores so that you will know from one workout to the next what your

90 Second Shooting Drill

  • 7 Spots (baselines, wings, elbows, and free throw line).
  • Partner rebounds for the shooter
  • Shooter must make 2 shots in a row from one spot before moving on to the next spot. If the shooter finishes the 7 spots before the 90 seconds runs out, start heading back along the spots.
  • Count the number of shots the shooter hits in 90 seconds.
  • Can shoot 2 or 3 point shots.

10 Shots/5 Spots

  • The drill is time for two minutes and 30 seconds
  • 5 spots (baseline, wings, and FT Line
  • Shoot 10 shots at each spot, then move to the next spot
  • Partner rebounds for the shooter
  • Record total number of shots made in the two minutes and 30 seconds
  • Rebounder is important, should take 30 seconds per spot

5 Point

  • Player has 5 points to begin the drill
  • 3 ways to do the drill.
    1) Alternate shots between baseline and wing on the right side of the floor
    2) Alternate shots elbow to elbow
    3) Alternate shots between the baseline and wing on the left side of the floor
  • Subtract one point on a made basket, add one point on a miss
  • If the shooter reaches 0 points, he or she wins.
  • If the score reaches 10 points, the shooter loses.

21 Point

  • Start with 21 points
  • Shoot all 3 point shots
  • Made basket-subtract 3 points
  • Missed shot–add 1 point
  • If the shooter gets to 0 points he or she wins
  • If the shooter reaches 30 points, he loses

10 Point

  • Shooter’s score starts at 0
  • The shooter loses if she falls below 0
  • Shooter must make a 3 point shot to start the drill. Do not subtract 3 points for misses until aftter the first 3 is made.
  • Then, alternate shooting 2 and 3 point shots
  • Subtract 3 points if shooter misses a 3 point shot (except for the first 3 point shot needed to start the game)
  • Subtract 2 points if the shooter misses a 2 pointer
  • Need to reach 10 points to win the game.

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