5 Ganon Baker Skill Drills

The two You Tube videos on this page have 5 basketball skill development drills from Ganon Baker.

My hope for this post is that you will find a drill or two that you can use in your workouts!

I think it is very important to use a variety of drills on to maintain your interest and motivation to work at getting better.

Basketball Drills Video #1

The first video has a very unique two ball shooting drill that he saw 2 NBA players use. The second drill in that video is a dribbling drill that includes making a finishing move at the basket.


Basketball Drills Video #2

The second video shows a 1) series of cone drills that you could modify to fit your players and your schemes, 2) A drill to work on coming off an onball screen and 3) A way to combine 2 ball dribble and game pace shots.

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