50 Makes Shooting Drill

I hope this video gets you thinking about a way to incorporate the types of shots you take in your team’s offense into this drill or into the basketball drills that you use during your skill development .

I like this drill because it:

1) Offers one more drill so that you have a way to get variety into your summer workouts.

2) Creates two types of pressure on the shooters–one with having to beat the time of 4 minutes and the second of having to make two shots from one spot prior to moving on to the next spot.

3) Forces concentration and effort for a sustained period of time.

I like for 30% of our shooting workouts to involve technique or form and repetition shooting, 60% to be game pace shooting drills and the remaining 10% to be for a toughness shooting drill to finish the workout. I want for the toughness shooting drill to push the player as much as I can both physically and mentally.

I would classify this drill as a technique and repetition drill. I like to have ways to score and measure all drills–including form and repetition.

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