7 Second Driving Drill

This video is with Indiana State Men’s Coach Greg Lansing.

The drill works on

1) Driving
2) Dribble Moves
3) Finishing
4) Backup Dribble
5) Being Strong with the Basketball on the dribble.

I like the idea of including the back dribble. I feel that is something that I have not included enough in our driving drills.

The execution in the video is not great–these are not his players and are players doing their best to demonstrate a new drill at a coaching clinic.

He also does not have anyone harassing them on their 7 second dribble.

You can also include the types of dribble moves and finishes that your players use.

I would throw in one idea if you decide to have someone fouling the dribbler–“Contact is NEVER an excuse for losing the basketball while dribbling or holding it.”

You could also make the drill competitive by timing how long that it takes a player to complete the 3 chair circuit

This is a You Tube videos, so you will need to have permission to view You Tube videos.

Make sure your sound is on as you watch. Click the play arrow to see the videos.

7 Second Drill

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