A to Z for Basketball Players

I found this list to share with your players on Mayville State University Women’s Basketball Coach Dennis Hutter’s site www.coachhutter.com.

My hope is that you can get some ideas that are going to make you a better player from the shoulders up!

The ABC’s of Comets Basketball

Attitude – An Attitude of Gratitude, writing thank you notes once a week to someone who has helped you.

Balance – The ability to be successful in life while dealing with your basketball, academic and personal life.

Commitment – What every player understands is necessary to become the player and team we want to be.

Discipline – Doing the right thing, at the right time, every time you do it, no matter who is watching.

Excellence – What we achieve every day through effort, energy, execution and emphasis on the little things.

Family – What we are, we are more than a team we are a Family.

Greatness –What we strive for everyday from on the floor to in the classroom to in our personal lives.

Honor – Understanding the opportunity they have to play College Basketball.

Integrity – Handling all situations with a positive mental, physical and emotional state of mind.

Journey – It is not the finish line, it is everything done in the time heading to the finish line.

Knowledge – Upperclassmen passing down the culture of our program to the new players.

Leadership – Every player on our team has a leadership responsibility, and that is your Example.

Motivation – What will make you the player that you want to be, intrinsic motivation cannot be taught.

N.B.A. – Next Best Action.

Opportunity – What every player gets being a part of our family, from Varsity to Junior Varsity.

Pride – Understanding what/who you are playing for, and giving everything you have for that cause.

Quality – The product produced by doing the right things.

Respect – The manner in which we treat all people. We care about people.

Servanthood – Giving back to the people who helped you get to where you are.

Tenacity – Our Attitude whenever we step on the floor.

Unselfishness – Being able to take the attention off of ourselves and put it on our teammates.

Victory – What we strive for every time we step on the floor. Not just on the scoreboard.

WIN – What’s Important Now?

Xample – It’s not the Main thing, it’s the ONLY thing!

Youth – Interacting with youth around the area through camps, helping at their school and games.

Zeal – The way in which we approach every basketball situation.

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