Arizona Basketball Shooting Workout

This workout comes from thUniversity of Arizona Men’s Basketball Newsletter.

Here’s a good 60 minute workout that can be done with 1 – 4 players. It is a great way to get a high number of reps for both motion and stationary shooting, stressing technique and fundamentals.

1 – Stationary 5-spot 2’s

Shoot 10 shots from 5 spots on the floor (all from about 15 feet away). Short corner, elbow, free throw line (nail), opposite elbow, opposite short corner.

2 – Stationary 3’s

Shoot for 60 seconds at 7 spots on the floor: corner, low wing, wing, top, opposite wing, opposite low wing, opposite corner. Shoot 2 free throws in between spots.

3 – 3-point Motion Shooting

With the passer standing on the left wing outside the 3-point line, the shooter will start in the right corner. The shooter will run from the right corner to the right wing along the 3-point line and receive a chest pass from the passer. After the shot, the shooter will run back to the right corner and receive a skip-pass from the passer and shoot in motion. Shooter will repeat as many times as possible in 60 seconds. Repeat from 4 spots- corner to wing, wing to wing (twice, with pass coming from other side on second time and passer in opposite corner) and opposite corner to wing. Shoot 2 free throws between spots.

4 – One Long Dribble

Shoot from same 5 spots on floor as stationary 2’s. Shooter receives pass just inside free throw line and takes one long dribble right and shoots. Do this 5 times going right and 5 going left from each spot. Shoot 2 free throws after each spot.

5 – Timed Stationary Shooting

Shooter picks a spot on the floor (beyond 3-point line for perimeter players) and shoots as many shots as

they can for two straight minutes. repeat at three different spots, shooting 5 free throws in between each spot.

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