Basketball Drills Fatigue Shooting

These basketball shooting drills are credited to Kyle Gilreath. He is NBA Client Services Manager for FastModel Sports. He is currently the assistant coach at Fort Meyers High School after serving as an undergraduate manager as well as graduate assistant for the Florida Men’s program.

These drills, along with several other plays and drills from various skill, are located at FastModel’s plays and drills library. It contains over 2000 drills and plays in the library. Here is the link. FastModel Drills and Plays Library



200 Point Shooting




1) Use each of the 7 shooting areas.

2) Each player takes 3 shots from each area – 3pt shot (behind arc), 2pt shot (10-15 feet), and a drive for a layup (1pt). Total of 6 possible pts at each spot.

3) Shoot at all 7 spots (42 possible points), then each player shoots 8 free throws, leaving 50 possible points for that quarter (each round is 1 quarter).

4) Keep score for 4 quarters (200 possible points) and determine a winner.

* Can also play 2 halves for 100 points

10 in 1 Shooting Drill



1 Minute on the Clock

Player starts at half-court with a coach or teammate under the rim with a ball (passer). When the clock starts the player runs in and shoots a 3-pointer. Make or miss the player sprints back and touches half-court and sprints back in for another 3-pointer. This is repeated for 1 minute.

Good Players: 10
Great Players: 11
Elite Players: 12+

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