Basketball Drills Guard Improvement Season Workout

Your improvement season as a basketball player is from April to September. This is a great drill to incorporate into your workouts during those months.

Another takeaway from the June 2012 Weber State Mens Basketball Newsletter from Coach Phil Beckner.

Coach Beckner Says:

This is a great guard/wing attack drill that allows the player to work on catching and bouncing on the move.

This drill is best with multiple players goin at once alternating lines. Each rep begins with the player whose turn it is passing to the coach across half and receiving the ball in full stride to attack the hoop.

These drills should be done on both the right and left sides. Also, have the players change up their finishes.

Basketball Drills

Rep 1: After receiving the ball back from the coach the player attacks the chair located on the three-point line with one dribble.


The player beats the chair with an in-n-out dribble and uses 1 or 2 dribbles to finish at the basket.








Basketball Drills


Rep 2: On the catch back from the coach the player attacks the chair with one dribble then crosses over in front of the chair to a 1 or 2 dribble finish on the other side of the basket.









Basketball Drills


Rep 3: After catching from the coach the player attacks the chair to a crossover, then with 1 dribble in between crosses over at the second chair to finish on the same side of the hoop.









Basketball Drills


Rep 4: On the catch from the coach the player attacks the first chair and crosses over, then after 1 dribble uses an in-n-out dribble to get around the second chair for a finish on the opposite side of the basket.






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