Basketball Drills Post Play

These basketball drills for post players are from a clinic given by Coach Kevin Eastman.

Coach Eastman was an assistant with the Boston Celtics specializing in player development. He went with Doc Rivers to Los Angeles and is now the Director of Basketball Operation for the Clippers.

If you don’t have a coach, you can work with a teammate to do these drills.






Follow Your Pass

Coach feeds the post
Post catches with one hand and
throws a one hand push pass to 4
# 4 catches and rips thru to a left hand lay up
Rotation is follow your pass




Continuous Jump Hooks

Alternate right and left hand
Can also call in the air “right” or “left”, and that must be the direction that he turns



Circle One on One- Slide in circle, when coach passes, second guy is on defense (no diagram)


Shoot for Fouls- Don’t let the defender into your shooting hand







Clifford Ray Drill- Offensive players slides elbow to elbow. When the coach passes to the player, he will execute various post moves.





2 Ball Rapid Fire Passing- Catch with one hand, and pass back with that hand.







1 on 1 Baseline Touch- Whoever gets there first picks the ball up and you play 1 on 1. You get open
on the baseline, and work your way back to the ball.

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