Basketball Guard Workouts

Four guard basketball workout drills are from the Xavier University Men’s basketball newsletter.

At the end of this post, I have listed some more skill development drills.

These are two player drills, so you will need a teammate or friend to workout with for these drills





Guard Attack Drill

Basketball Workouts

Great attacking drill.


Guard starts on the wing with the ball and drives hard to the hoop.
The defender in the post can attack after the guard has taken one dribble.
Guard must go by the defender and score.




Guard NBA Sprint Drill

Basketball Workouts

Outstanding shooting drill that stresses cutting hard.


Guard runs from corner to corner around the 3 point line getting as many shots up as he can in one minute.
The guard must SPRINT from sport to spot.
He may not leave the previous spot until the rebounder has the ball.
Player should get in the neighborhood of 20 shots
Can also do with pull ups off of a shot fake. The guard must cover HUGE ground with step after shot fake. Work In straight lines!


Guard Iso Drill

Basketball Workouts

The defensive player is guarding Player 1 very tight, fouling and reaching. Player 1 must be ball tough and sweep through several times.

After 4 or 5 seconds, Player 1 sweeps through strong and tight to the defender on a straight line to the basket. The defender is stationary.

Player 1 must get past the defender and execute a one dribble pull up — covering as much ground as possible with one bounce.




Guard Cage Drill

Basketball Workouts

The guard must stay within the edge of the boundries while trying to get past the defender (See Highlighted Area). The goal is to get to halfcourt.


The defender cannot foul – but they should be very aggressive.
The guard cannot turn his back or spin dribble.
The guard can go between his legs, cross in front or hop-back to create room.

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