Basketball Perimeter Individual Skill Drills

From an old Creighton Burns’ newsletter…

The skills of passing and catching on the move remain a significant area of deficiency with the junior ranks and are areas that many coaches find difficult to teach and drill.

The ability of guards and perimeter players to penetrate with their head up and make intelligent scoring or passing decisions is such an integral part of the game, yet often under-taught and rarely drilled.

This series of simple drills, involving 2 players and coach, provides some ideas for improving this area and expanding the skill package of perimeter players, in particular guards.

Parker Speed Pass Drill

Basketball Drills

Player has the ball in the middle of the floor, coach situated on the wing

The athlete must handle to the ball at speed in an area one meter square, executing all crossovers in a low stance

On the command of the coach, the athlete must make a firm, flat pass as quickly as possible to the coach

Build to making a one hand pass straight from the dribble to the pass, drill right and left hand

Circuit to Pass Drill

Basketball Drills

Athlete starts at the base-line and dribbles at speed through the circuit, executing crossovers at each cone

As the athlete gets to the last cone, make a firm, flat pace to the coach and sprint past to get the ball back

Dribble through the second circuit at speed Emphasis on being quick from the dribble to the pass


Middle Penetration Drive and Kick Drill

Basketball Drills

Basketball Drills

Guard receives the ball from the coach and rips the dribble through middle

As the handler reaches the “dotted D”, make the pass quickly from the dribble to a stationary player in the corner

Drill with handler making firm, flat chest pass, build to one hand pass straight from the dribble

Once the handler can consistently find the stationary target with a flat pass, have the receiver now making a cut

Emphasis on having eyes on the rim on penetration, staying low and being quick from the dribble to the pass

Turn the Corner Command Drill

Basketball Drills

Basketball Drills

Guard beats the first cone, then turns the corner around the second cone

If the coach stays under the basket, the guard pulls up for a shot

If the coach moves forward, the guard kicks out for the shooter opposite

With younger players, the coach can simply yell a “command” for the guard to react to

Works on penetrating with the eyes up and assists with decision making

Middle Flow Command Drill

Basketball Drills

Basketball Drills


Similar to above, with the guard now beating the cone to the middle after a hesitation move off the “live” dribble
Again, the coach makes a movement to force the guard into a shot or pass decision OR the coach can yell a command

Drive, Kick, and Cut Drill

Basketball Drills

Guard penetrates middle and passes to shooter filling behind

After the pass, guard cuts to an open area to receive 2nd ball from coach for the catch and shoot

Drills moving after penetration

Emphasis on “what’s next?” – second efforts and continual movement

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