Basketball Workout Drills for Guards

These four guard basketball workout drills are from a back issue of the Xavier Men’s basketball newsletter. If you would like to see the archives and/or sign up for their newsletter, you can here: Xavier Newsletter

The first drill is a toughness and finishing drill.

Drill #2 is a drill for guards to work on scoring in the post.

The third drill is a competitive shooting drill that works on the skill of penetrating and kicking for a shot.

The final drill works on speed dribble while being chased from behind.

At the end of the post, I have linked to some other skill development workout drills.

30 Second War Drill

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Basketball Workouts

In addition to working on ball handling, this is a great short conditioning drill.

-Guard has the ball on the wing.
-The defender is guarding tightly. (Reaching and light fouling are allowed)
-Guard must keep his dribble and face the post for 30 seconds – no spins or back to the basket is allowed.
-It is a good idea to use a hop back to create space when needed.
-After 30 seconds, a coach blows the whistle and the guard can then drive, attempting to score

Guard Scoring in Post

Basketball Workouts

This drill stresses the ability to score quickly out of the post, in addition to being a good defensive drill.

-Player 1 spins the ball out of the post to himself. He must catch, turn and shoot before the defender can get there to block the shot.
-The defender cannot move or challenge the shot until the ball hits the floor on the toss.

-With the sound of the ball hitting the floor, the defender can then attempt to guard and block the shot.

-The guard must be very quick to turn around and shoot.

Guard Penetration

Basketball Workouts

Great drill to stress the drive and kick.

-3 players start on the perimeter.
-There must be two drive and kicks before a shot.
-Alternate shooters each time.
-First player to 5 makes wins.


Guard Court Sprint

Basketball Workouts

This is a great guard drill that stresses quickness.

-Guard begins on the baseline.
-Defender is 3 feet to his side and 3 feet behind.
-On the whistle, the guard attempts to sprint while dribbling the length of the floor, while the defender tries to catch up and cut him off.
-The guard must try to prevent this by riding off of the defender as he is dribbling at maximum speed.
-The guard must keep the ball tight to his body while going full speed.

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