Celtic Toughness Shooting Drill

It is always best to work out with your coach whenever possible, but if you are not able to work with your coach, you can work with a teammate and have him or her be the rebounder and timer and then switch roles so you both are able to do the drill.

Player starts at spot 1 with the goal of making it back to spot 10 within 2 minutes.

Coach starts 2:00 countdown as the first shot is taken.

You must make 2 in a row before advancing to the next spot.

When the player makes 2 in a row on spot 5, she advances to spot 6. You don’t have to make 4 in a row.

If the player doesn’t make it back to all 10 spots in 2 minutes, record where they were as time expires. The goal is then to beat that in the next workout.

If the player does make it in under 2:00, then record the time and that is what the player will strive to break next time.

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