Energy Givers

The following post was written by Coach Alan Stein on his Stronger Team Blog (Click the link to visit the blog). It would make a great handout for your players.

You are probably aware of Alan’s work in our profession as he is one of the top basketball specific strength and conditioning coaches. He has produced several videos and is in high demand as a clinician. He has given me permission to put his posts and videos on the Coaching Toolbox.

Energy Givers

Every time you interact with another human being… you either give them energy (‘fill their bucket’) or you take their energy (‘drain their bucket.’). In every instance you are either an energygiver or an energy taker.

If you want to be successful in life, you need to not only be an energy giver… you need to surround yourself with energy givers.

Energy givers make those around them better. 9 out of 10 people adamantly admit they are more productive when they are around positive people (aka ‘energy givers’).

It’s pretty simple… if every member of your program (coaches and players) is an energy giver during a workout… the workout becomes more intense and more productive by default. Nothing else is possible! Obviously, if you have productive workouts on a consistent basis, you will make progress.

Not everyone can be 7 feet tall. Not everyone can jump out of the gym. But everyone can be an energy giver. Being an energy giver is a conscious choice. It is an attitude.

Energy givers raise the confidence of everyone they come in contact with. Energy givers improve morale, chemistry, and performance. Coaches and teammates covet players who areenergy givers.

Are you an energy giver?

During your off-season workouts, do you give energy by listening and being coachable? By being a supportive teammate? By being enthusiastic? By working as hard as you possibly can?

Or do you drain energy by loafing, arguing, and complaining?

If you want to stand out at your summer league games, AAU games, and camps… and really have coaches take notice… then you need to be an energy giver!

Energy givers thank their teammates for a good pass.

Energy givers help their teammates up after they take a charge or dive for a loose ball.

Energy givers cheer their teammates on when they are not in the game.

Energy givers listen to their coach with their ears and their eyes.

Energy givers communicate on defense.

Energy givers show up early and are prepared to workout, practice or play.

Energy givers always give that little extra. And it goes a long way.

Make a conscious effort to be an energy giver… it will pay off… trust me.

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