Euro Step Finishing Move

In my opinion, the Euro Step is a good finishing move in both transition and in the half court.

I believe that it is important for players to develop moves to finish at the basket against a good or a large (or both) defender they they have practiced and are confident in. The more confidence a player has in his or her ability and moves to finish at the basket, the more they can be the aggressor rather than being dictated to by the defense.

I have posted a couple of videos below that show a couple of ways to apply the move.

Make sure your speakers are on to see and hear the You Tube videos These are You Tube videos, so please make sure that you are on a server that allows You Tube access.

The euro step is a good way for a player to avoid picking up a charging foul and also to get a clean look at a layup against a good defender.

In addition to working attacking the basket from straight on, I think it is important to also work on finishing coming from both the left and right side.

Even if you don’t like this move, I hope you will find what works for you.

Press the play arrow to see the You Tube videos.

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