Field Goal Percentage Basketball Shooting Drill

These two shooting drills are among the thousands of resources for both coaches and player available from basketballhq. They have several more videos as well as basketball coaching resource articles.

The drills are coached by Ryan Panone.

I encourage you to think about the best way to tweak the drills before you implement them so that they offer the most benefit for your players. Even as you are first implementing them, you may need to continue the process of making some adjustments so that they are contributing to the improvement of your players.

You can change the number of shots, the percentages, the spots of the shots (distance), the amount of time they have to shoot, types of shots, etc… so that the drill helps to contribute to your objectives.

If you have multiple baskets, you can make the drills into team drills by having 4 or 6 players shoot at a time.

Make sure that your speakers are on to hear the narration and that you can access You Tube to see the videos.

Click the play arrow to begin the videos.

Field Goal Percentage Shooting Drill

In my opinion, any time you keep some type of a score, it helps players to focus and also helps both you and them measure improvement.

You could let the players decide what level they will shoot for and talk to individuals about adjusting if you feel that they are not challenging themselves enough.


Stephen Curry Warmup Floater Drill

You might not want your players shooting all these shots, and you might not want all of your players shooting the same types of floaters, but his point about making sure that players who shoot floaters in games need to practice them in an equal ratio to the other shots that they practice and shoot in games, whatever you feel that ratio is.

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