Ganon Baker Ballhandling and Finishing Basketball Drills

These three basketball skill drill ideas came from a pdf put together by Ganon Baker. I hope that you can find ways to use them in both your games season practices and out of season workouts.

I. Stationary Dribbling with Tennis Ball (Do each for :30 secs) NO DIAGRAM

Execute the below moves while dribbling a basketball without a tennis ball, then execute each move while dribbling a basketball and tossing a tennis ball

a. Side Jab – Toss tennis ball, execute short side fake with foot, catch tennis ball

b. In/Out – Toss Tennis Ball, make inside out move w/ basketball hand, catch tennis ball with free hand

c. Between legs – Toss Tennis ball with right hand, go between legs with left hand, catch tennis ball with left hand palm down, then repeat

d. Behind the back – repeat the above but go behind the back

II. 2 Ball Drives (Make 10 in 1:10 seconds) (Diagrams below)

a. Drive to chair with 2 balls being dribbled, place 1 ball in the chair, take a floater

b. Now come back to chair, and take a jumper


III. Sue Bird Drill (Make 10 in 1 minute) (Diagrams below)

a. Drive at chair execute a WNBA dribble move

i. b/w leg-cross

ii. b/w leg-behind back

iii. behind back-cross

iv. In out – cross

v. Pull up for a 1-2 step jumper

b. Come back to chair drive for a step through finish (Chair has 2nd ball on it)

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