Inside Pivot Moves

Here are some live ball (before you have started dribbling) moves that you can work on the rest of this spring and summer. I think you should have at most 3 live ball moves that you practice every time you workout and have confidence in to use 5 on 5. In my opinion, If you have too many moves, you don’t have enough time to practice all of them to be able to execute them under the pressure of a game.

The video is with Coach Rich Walton and from his Skill Development Coach program. The program breaks down skills into a table that is patterned after the Periodic Table of Elements.

For players, you can find out more information about how the program can help you to improve this spring and summer at this link: Players

If you are interested in the program for coaches, you can find out more at this link: Coaches

There is also a program for Skills Trainers: Basketball Skill Trainers

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Inside Pivot Moves

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