Intensity and Togetherness Look Like

Improving your intensity and skill as a teammate will improve you as a player. Here are some things for you to evaluate yourself on and work to improve.

  • Beat the ball down the floor in transition and conversion.
  • Rebound position every shot—back, space, pinch on free throw.
  • Play defensive in a stance.
  • Help and then recover.
  • Help the helper.
  • Close out with hands above shoulders.
  • Dive on loose balls.
  • Protect the ball when you have it.
  • Rip through on pivots—strong with the basketball.
  • Chin rebounds.
  • Meet every pass.
  • Change direction and speed on cuts.
  • Take a charge.
  • Steal passes that are thrown too far.
  • Sprinting from spot to spot in basketball practice.
  • Contest every shot.
  • Ball Fakes.
  • Deflect passes.

Togetherness Looks Like

  • Verbal response and applause for good plays (regardless of shirt color in basketball practice)
  • Encourage a teammate after an error or a missed shot that was a good shot
  • Help a teammate up off the ground
  • High fives and back slapping
  • Huddles on the floor
  • Never criticize a teammate
  • Bench stands when a player leaves the game
  • Acknowledge a player being substituted for in practice as he leaves the floor if you are also on the sideline

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