Jeremy Lin Basketball Scoring Workout

These drills came from Alan Stein’s Coaching Nuggets Collection.

They cover many areas of coaching basketball. He even put my 37 ideas pdf in there!

These are 4 drills that Jeremy Lin uses as a part of his scoring workout.

There are more drills listed at the bottom of this post





Because he isn’t the most athletic player, Jeremy must do a good job of extending to the basket on all layups to separate from defenders.

Drill: Player takes large strides to jump and make extended layup on both sides of the rim. For next rep players self passes to FT line for catch, pivot and score.






Jeremy must also use the art of misdirection to score against larger help defenders.

Drill: Same concept as extended layups but make first step a misdirection jab step before extending into layup. Done on both sides of the rim.





This is the move that Jeremy used on John Wall to get the dunk the other night. Defenders try hard to stop NY’s pick and roll. Jeremy reads this well and makes defenders pay by rejecting the screen and attacking.

Drill: Cone is screen (chair can be used too). Player sets up the screen and then makes movement towards it. Player quickly crosses back to other hand and attacks rim with layups already practiced or pull up jump shot.





Lin has great ball handling ability. He is able to keep a play alive when bouncing out from help defense to re-attack.

Drill: Come off pick and roll and attack second cone. Bounce out with dribble and re-attack either driving baseline or crossing over to the middle. Do drill to both sides of the court.

Extended Layups

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