Kevin Boyle Shooting Drills

These four shooting drills are with Kevin Boyle, Head Boys Basketball Coach at (Florida) Academy. Coach Boyle’s teams have won multiple high school national championships.

There is sound with these videos, so please make sure that your sound is on.

The videos are You Tube videos, so you will need to be able to access that site.

Press the play arrow for each of the videos to start.

You can see more information about the Gun at

Here are some of the teaching points. (The hope is that this will get you thinking about ways to make your shooting drills fit your offensive objectives and philosophy–even if you don’t run 4 out 1 in motion.)

1. Game shots at game speed
2. Incorporate defensive balance and converting to defense in shooting drills
3. Attack gaps to force help
4. Straight line drives
5. Preparing to recognize and attack a defense that “stunts and stays” fakes help
6. On each shot, all 5 players have either an offensive rebounding responsibility or a defensive conversion responsibility

4 Player Attack and Kick

4 Player Attack and Roll Up

4 Player Ball Reversal, Baseline Drive, Roll Behind

4 Player Ball Reversal, Baseline Drive & Drift

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