Move Shooting Drill

“MOVE” is another basic drill with a number of variations to allow it to be a single player drill or a team drill.

Using our 5 Spots (left corner, left wing ,top, righ wing, right corner)

Shooter begins in left corner and stays until they score a total of 6 points:

15 footer = 2 points
19’9″ + = 3 points
Lay-up = 1 point

A Lay-up can only be attempted when the shooter needs 1 point to achieve their desired score.

First shooter makes a 2 point, next shooter misses, next shooter makes a 3, team has a total of 5 SO next shooter is allowed to drive it for a lay-up to achieve the score of 6.

At the next spot the first shooter makes a 3, the next shooter makes a 3… we MOVE

Player completes six points at each spot

Now we go 8 points. Then 10 points. Then 12 points. Etc

This drill can be done for a certain amount of time. For example, put 5:00 on clock and see how many spots a shooter can complete. It can also be done just as a simple goal based drill.

When shooting in groups, this drill is great to teach time/score situations as in “knowing”what you need to achieve the MOVE.

It creates a very competitive drill when going on both ends with each team equally divided. We shoot in classes, by position, allow them to pick teams, etc.

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