Perimeter Player Workouts

This basketball workout with skill development drills for perimeter players is from a Xavier Men’s Basketball Newsletter. You can see the archives of the newsletter by clicking the blue link above.

40 minute workout
(Shoot free throws in between drills for the total of 40 minutes)

3. 5MIN: 50 SERIES

Sideline Touches: Player starts in corner facing halfcourt with a ball, passes the ball to the elbow to a coach, sprints wide/sideline and touches halfcourt. Player turns and sprints wide sideline to coaches box and angles toward the block receiving a return pass from the coach.

He executes the following and can be repeated in the opposite corner:

• 1 Dribble powerlay up
• 2 or 3 dribbles, baby hook (lay up on opposite side of the basket)
• 2or3 dribbles pull up bank shot
• 2 or 3 dribbles, stride stop step thru
• Catch at Half Court, speed dribble, reach out lay up (Steve Nash)
• Catch at Half Court, drive to block, back defender down (perimeter to post

Triangle Shooting: Triangle Shooting is a drill that gets players a lot of shots in a short period of time as well as working on their conditioning. We teach al of our guys to use a “one, two step” (Left/Right) on every shot. This consistency in their footwork ultimately leads to more consistent results. The repetition of Triangle Shooting alows players to really focus on improving their footwork.

• Shooter has to start at the top of the key
• After each shot the shooter must touch the top of the key
• Shots are taken from the elbows
• One, two step into every shot (left/right shoot)
• 2:00 shooting, passer is under the basket

50 Series: 50 Series is a quick drill that really works on a players ability to control the basketball. The use of a heavy ball (If available) during the first set makes the regular ball seem much lighter during the second set. This contrast allows plays players to pound the ball quicker, faster, and harder, which ultimately results in improved ball control.

• Two Sets of 50 (1st set use Heavy BalI, 2nd set use regular ball)
• 10 V dribbles In front with left hand (right to left In front of body)
• 10 V dribbles in front with right hand
• 10 Push/Pull dribbles with left hand (back/forth dribbles on side of body)
• 10 Push/Pull dribbles with right hand
• 10 Behind back dribbles

Full Court Pitino: Players begin in the corner at the full court level.

They execute the following movements and repeat these movements from the opposite corner, then returning.

A dummy defender is at the 25 ft. marker from each basket.

Movements: Begin with three dribbles in place, then a hard stutter at the coach’s box, dribbling with the hand closest to the sideline.

• Inside out, power lay up
• Inside out, cross over baby hook (lay up on opposite side of the basket)
• Hesitation, stride stop, step through
• Through the legs, runner or floater
• Euro Step
• Speed dribble into Bank Shot (last dribble must be pounded into floor then pull up)
• Speed dribble into 3 pt shot (same as above)

Vegas Close Outs: Vegas Close Outs is a great drill to simulate the perfect close out technique. The player starts with his head under the rim. A coach/manager will be positioned on the wing just behind the 3 pt line. The play tosses the ball out to the coach to begin the drill. All the teaching points should be explained prior to the first close out. You can place coaches at various positions around the 3 pt line which will allow multiple reps to take place at the same time.

• Run 1st, then short, choppy steps
• High hands, bent elbows, butt down, head back
• Yell “shot”/Play drive
• Touching distance in stance (defender should be able to touch the ball)
• Take shooter out of rhythm

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