Post Player Skill Development Drills

Today’s post includes five ideas for drills to use in the spring and summer with any of your players that you count on to score in the low post area.

I found the drills on an old Xavier University newsletter.

If you can’t use the exact drills because you aren’t able to work with your coach, hopefully you can modify them to fit your needs. You can a teammate, friend, or family member be the passers and defenders. If you want to improve, you will find a way to get it done!

If you can’t work with your coach, you can find a way to accomplish the skills that are practiced in the drills

There are some other links to other skill development drills in the Related Links at the end of the post.

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Perfect Form Jump Hook



Post Player 1 cuts from the wing and receives a pass from a coach at SPOT 1.

The post player must shoot a perfect jump shot, rebound. and pass back to the coach.

Repeat at SPOTS 2, 3 and 4.




Post Move Rundown



Post Player 1 begins on the weak side block and flashes hard across the key to the ball side block.

Post player calls for the ball and gets a pass from the coach

Post Player then must execute one of the following moves, then pass back out to the coach and cut again to the opposite side.

1) Jump Hook 2) Drop Step 3) Turn around J 4) Up and Under. After 4 shots rotate to another player.



Bump and Roll Shooting



Post Player 4 cuts across the lane and bumps into Post Player 5.

4 must roll or pivot off of the contact to an open area.

At that point he must catch a pass from the coach, make a move or take a jumper.

Rotate players after each shot.




Continuous Sealing



Once Post Player I has a seal on Post Player 2, the ball is passed from one coach to the other.

Post Player 1 must reseal, and hold the seal the entire time. After 5 passes. the coach can feed the post.





Post Sealing Dril


Have two coaches on either foul line extended, and two post players on both blocks.

The ball side post player will go after the off side post, attempting to seal him by putting his lead leg between the legs of the defender.

When he has sealed player 2, player 1 must call for the ball.

When the ball is reversed, player 2 goes after Player 1 trying to seal.

When sealed, he calls for the ball.

The coach enters the ball to player 2 who catches and makes a scoring move.

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