Rick Pitino Shooting Drill

Louisville Assistant Basketball Coach Mike Balado takes you through a shooting drill they use at Louisville. The video is 2 and a half minutes long.

Louisville’s goal is for players to make 80% of their shots in workouts when they are unguarded. You can modify that for your age and ability, but it is a good idea to have a standard for makes with all of the drills that you do to improve your shooting.

Set up an obstacle (chair, cone, player, or coach) 2-3 feet outside the elbow on either side of the paint. Passer is above the key and. Station the rebounder under the basket. The shooter starts at the ten second line. Drill starts with passer hitting the shooter moving toward the chair. Shooter will dribble with their inside hand. At the imaginary defender make any crossover move so that the ball is now in their outside hand. Take 2 dribbles, and then pull up for a jump shot.

After you shoot, you are going to take two hard steps towards the baseline and then come off the chair for a down screen shot. The next shot is a flare screen (using the chair as the screener) shot. After the fade shot, sprint back to half court and will shoot the same patter 4 times (12 shots). Run the drill on both sides.

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Please make sure your sound is on to see the video

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