Second Defender Scoring Drill

This drill was posted by Coach Randy Brown in Fast Model’s drills and play library.

Randy said this about the drill:

This drill is a turnover killer!

The drill presents a combination of 1. getting open and catching, 2. facing the basket while ripping the ball through and jab stepping, 3. Driving around defender, 4. Making decision to shoot or drive by second defender, and finishing the play with a basket. It also creates toughness and ball security.

You can also add a player at the basket with a pad to create contact on the finish.

Basketball Drills

Drill starts with ball up top. Wing uses footwork to get open on wing.







Basketball Drills

Drive ball right of left around defender directly at the basket. Defender sprints from left block and meets ball handler outside right lane line.






Two options: drive by second defender or shoot shot over second defender to end drill






Randy Brown continues his passion for the game of basketball well beyond his 30+ year coaching career. An 18 year NCAA Division I head and assistant coach.

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