Stay Positive Shooting Drill

This basketball shooting drill came from the University of Washington Women’s Basketball Coaching Newsletter.

Each spot you shoot from should be a shot that you can get within your team’s offense. You must make a game speed move for lay-up/midrange jumper and also make a 3 point shot. If you make both shots, you are a +1. If you miss one shot, they you are at 0. If you miss both shots, you are –1. Keep a running total. If you get to +5 you win the drill if you get to –5, you lose. So the goal is to STAY POSITIVE.

Once you get to +5 for that section, then make 5 FT’s. Change the cuts, screens, shots and go again.
Goal is always to STAY POSITIVE.

Will give you a few examples here… keep in mind You MUST adapt them to YOUR shots. This is just an idea of how to score and keep a drill competitive more than trying to copy the drill action for action. We have about 25 different ones for variety.

4 Stay Positive Shooting



Passer (c) passes to the shooter. Shooter attacks the basket off the rip to score. This can be a lay-up, a floater, or mid-range jumper. After completing that shot, the shooter simulates cutting to corner off a baseline block screen for a 3-pointer.

+5 or –5, then make 5 FTS.





Player starts with ball on wing. Simulates using a ball screen and drives it to score. After the shot, shooter cuts to the wing for a 3 point shot.

+5 or –5, then make 5 FTS.






Shooter starts at the nail. Cuts to the arc simulating a flare screen for a 3 point shot. From the spot where shot is taken, shooter receives another pass from coach. Shooter rips it through a drives it to finish. ** Be careful when you do the shorter shot 2nd in the sequence that you don’t allow them to take a NON-game type shot in effort to not be –1 if they have missed the 3 pointer.


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