Your Worth to the Team

To check you value to your basketball team, ask yourself these questions:

    1. Am I mature enough to work at things seriously?


    1. Do I observe the rules of basketball?


    1. Do I expect and respect authority?


    1. Do I conform to all training rules?


    1. Am I willing to sacrifice for the team? And for myself?


    1. Do I work hard in prepractice to improve my fundamentals?


    1. Do I recognize correction from the coaches as an effort to help me to improve rather than as a criticism of my performance?


    1. Do I help and encourage my teammates when they are striving to improve?


    1. Do I stand up for the team or a teammate when I hear criticism?


    1. Do I tell a teammate to stop complaining?


    1. Do I report any dissension among players to the coaches?


    1. Am I dedicated to the point where I’m willing to make any sacrifice which will improve our team, improve myself, or improve the image of our team?


    1. Do I recognize the fact that while on or off the basketball floor my actions and performances are a reflection on my family and on the team?


    1. Do I take pride in my actions, dress, and speech on and off the basketball floor?


    1. Do I have a spirit of cooperation with other team members and the coaches?


    1. Do I have a burning desire to win?


    1. Do I continually work to improve—never being satisfied with my present development?


    1. Do I have the self-discipline and mental toughness to fight back when the chips are down?


    1. Am I all business before and during the game?


    1. Am I a hard loser? That is do I profit from my mistakes by thinking and talking over the cause of defeat and make sure the same cause never defeats me again? (There is a great difference between a hard loser and a poor loser)


    1. Do I recognize the privilege and honor of making the team?


    1. Am I eager to learn more?


    1. Do I spread enthusiasm to others through my enthusiasm and eagerness?


    1. Do I set an example for younger players which will make them eager to become the same kind of player and person as I am?


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